Day at the beach

Evening tour and Mass at the newly renovated Christ Cathedral
Dinner at Anaheim Garden Walk
Overnight at the Springhill Suites
FULL day at Disneyland/California Adventure!

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All are welcome to join our discussion of the NBC program A.D. The Bible Continues. We will gather to watch clips and share in some discussion, bible study and faith sharing.

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Parents of interested children who have received the Sacraments of Baptism and First Holy Eucharist please contact Mark and Sandra Messer at to RSVP or for more information.

Dear People of St. Andrew the Apostle:

Our celebration of Easter has come to its conclusion with last week's celebration of Pentecost. As we re-enter "Ordinary Time" we begin our journey with Jesus by celebrating the Most Holy Trinity.

The mystery of how there can be three persons in ONE God has been the subject of reflection, writing, discussion, and debate over the history of the Church.

  • God is FATHER
    … He gives life, he forms a people that He calls His family. He is creator and sustainer of all life.
  • God is SON
    … He is the Word Made Flesh. Always God, yet one of us as well. We become the sons and daughters of
    God through our faith in Jesus, who shows us the way to the Father.
  • God is HOLY SPIRIT
    … He is present to us through our Baptism and Confirmation. He brings God's gifts to
    strengthen and live our faith. He embodies courage, knowledge, wisdom, love.

There are times when I need to direct my prayers directly to the Father — when I need God's creative energy to bring an idea or concept to life.

There are other times when I need to direct my prayers directly to the Son — asking Jesus to show me the way to forgiveness, to perseverance, or to compassion and kindness.

There are times when I need to direct my prayers directly to the Holy Spirit — when I need more enthusiasm, when I am not experiencing joy, when I am stumped and need wisdom or insight into a problem, when I need courage to overcome fear.

It is important to remember that none of the 3 persons exists in isolation from the other … all are the One, True, Almighty God that loves us, watches over us, and one day will take us home to be with God forever in heaven.

In the gospel today, Jesus gives His Church a three-fold mission:

  1. Make disciples
  2. Baptize in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Teach all that He has commanded us.

This is both the mission of the Church, and of every person baptized into Christ Jesus.

  1. We make disciples when we successfully introduce others to an encounter with Christ that is life changing, and helps them to see that Christ is truly risen from the dead, truly in our midst, truly desires an intimate relationship with us, and has gifted us to do this.
  2. We baptize in the name of the Trinity – asking each member of the Trinity to surround us and strengthen us for the mission that lies ahead.
  3. We catechize (teach) those who are baptized in order that they may deepen their relationship with Christ and know what it is that Jesus asks of them – in terms of the practice of our faith, in terms of the moral teachings of Christ as we understand them today – in terms of being sent to further the mission of Jesus that all may know of Christ and have the opportunity to encounter him.

May God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit- bless you, protect you from all harm, and help you to be a true disciple of the Lord.

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Mass Intentions
Saturday, May 30
5:00 pm
† Stella Ambrose
Sunday, May 31
7:30 am
† Art Villalobos
9:00 am
† Debra Sestile
11:00 am
Carmen Tibajia
5:30 pm
St. Andrew Parishioners
Monday, June 1
8:30 am
† Betty Usher
Tuesday, June 2
8:30 am
† Robert Minitti
Wednesday, June 3
8:30 am
† Menio Villalobos
7:00 pm
† Charles Malpica, Jr.
Thursday, June 4
8:30 am
† Tao Truong
Friday, June 5
8:30 am
† Warren Atchison

A.D. The Bible Continues Discussion Group

Tuesday evenings, May 26-Jun 30, 6:30pm in the Adult Ed Center
Wednesday mornings, May 27—Jul 1, 9:00am in room D

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Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Adoration will be suspended from Jun 3 through Aug 12.
Our Holy Hour for Vocations will be suspended from Jun 3 through Aug 12.
Confessions at 5:30pm and Mass at 7:00pm on Wednesdays will continue through the summer months.

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Yesterday’s Kids Potluck and Meeting


Date Night: The Newlywed Game


Preparations are in the works for our next Habitat for Humanity project


Blitz for Haiti

at Culver’s on Ray Rd., across from St. Andrew

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Walking Club: Chandler Fashion Cente

Meet at the Food Court entrance at 7:00am (near Kona Grill)

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National Cancer Survivor Day

A special blessing will be given at the end of each Mass this day.

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Foster Care Orientation

at St. Mary’s (Chandler) Hurtado Hall, 230 W Galveston St. Chandler

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Vacation Bible School 2015

Registration ends Sun, May 24.

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JUN 11

Cancer Support Group

JUN 13

Altar Server Training

Sat, Jun 13 10:00am-12:00pm
Sun, Jun 14 2:00-4:00pm

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JUN 14

Newlywed Ministry Gathering

Sunday Brunch

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SEP 22

Pilgrimage to Philadelphia and Pope Francis

Special Important Note: limited *Airspace and Hotel still available. However these can only be held until Mon, Jun 1. After that time, it will be on space available bases and whatever the new airline rate is. Register before the deadline date.

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