Dear People of St. Andrew the Apostle:

Happy Independence Day.

I have often wondered why I was chosen to be born in America, and to enjoy all the fruits of freedom, a great economy, a comfortable life, and all the blessings bestowed on our country. My grandmother was Mexican, and I could have just as easily been born among the poverty of our neighbors to the South…but she immigrated to what she believed was the land of promise, and I have inherited the blessings. I give thanks to God for the blessing of being born, raised, and living out my life in this great country.

This holiday calls us to reflect on our blessings as American citizens. We have an abundance of natural resources that support not only our people but in many cases support the people in other countries as well. The second reading last Sunday from the letter of Paul to the Corinthians reminds us we are rich in every respect…and that we are called to abound in our work of charity. Offering relief to others, Paul says, should not impoverish us but seek to form a certain equality with us.

I am always impressed with the dedication of the people of St. Andrew to giving. We have a Caring Ministries office that offers temporary assistance to those in need. We have a food bank for those who need assistance making it through the month. We have a befriender ministry that reaches out to listen to people talk through their problems. We have support groups for cancer patients and their caregivers. We have 12-step addiction recovery groups. We have a mothers' life-line that offers support to moms in need. We participate in Habitat for Humanity to offer new housing to deserving people living in sub-standard conditions. I am sure there is more that we can do, but so many people offer their time, talent, and money to accomplish the things that we are doing.

On an international level we support an orphanage in Haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Haiti has been devastated by an earthquake, by Hurricane Sandy, and in so many others ways. The children of this orphanage are not much different that the children here at St. Andrew, except that they need support to be able to go to school, have decent shoes and clothes, to live in facilities that will never quite match up to our homes, but which have seen great involvement over the last 4 years of our involvement with the orphanage.

Last year Matt Bade formed his Eagle Scout project into a collection of backpacks for the children in the orphanage. This year Nikolaus Helfenbein formed his Eagle Scout project into a collection of new shoes for the children. We are seeking three pair of shoes for each child: A black or black and white athletic shoe (for school), a shower shoe (croc or flip-flop) and a dress shoe (black for boys; black or white for girls). In addition to that, we are seeking from other parishes in the neighborhood shoes that will be one or two sizes larger to accommodate the growth of the kids.

Again, so many people have offered their time, talent, and money to our support of the orphanage. God bless St. Andrew's, and God bless America.

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Mass Intentions
Sunday, July 5
7:30 am
† Christopher Riordan
9:00 am
† Gilda Mirizio
11:00 am
† John C. Warren
5:30 pm
St. Andrew Parishioners
Monday, July 6
8:30 am
† Ardith Aguilar
Tuesday, July 7
8:30 am
† Maria Thoi Tran
Wednesday, July 8
8:30 am
Macaria Holter
7:00 pm
† Bob Kennedy
Thursday, July 9
8:30 am
† Potenciano Pagayonan
Friday, July 10
8:30 am
† Joyce Harris
Saturday, July 11
5:00 pm
† John Stecchi

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Adoration will be suspended from Jun 3 through Aug 12.
Our Holy Hour for Vocations will be suspended from Jun 3 through Aug 12.
Confessions at 5:30pm and Mass at 7:00pm on Wednesdays will continue through the summer months.

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Donations needed for Operation Back-to-School Chandler

Drop off donations no later than Sun, Jul 12
Donation bins will be located in the Narthex of the Church.

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Help Wanted: Ministers of Hospitality

Vendors Needed for the 2015 Health & Wellness Expo

Vendor applications are due no later than by Wed, Sep 9.

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Religious Education Registration begins Mon, Jul 1

Register in the RE Office or online.

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The Gift Shop will be closed Jul 13-Aug 8.


Yesterday’s Kids Potluck and Meeting


Cancer Support Group

JUL 11

Preparations are in the works for our next Habitat for Humanity project

JUL 14

Divine Mercy Cenacle

JUL 15

Sophia Ministry Sewers

JUL 16

Angel Connection Soulful Crafts

3rd Thursday of each month

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JUL 18

Are your a hairstylist?

Join us at Operation Back-to-School Chandler

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JUL 18

Walking Club: Chandler Fashion Center

JUL 25

Benedictine Monastic Experience

at Our Lady of Guadalupe Monastery, 8502 W Pinchot Ave, Phoenix 85037
For Catholic women, ages 18-55

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AUG 14

1st Annual Father-Son Camp Out

at St. Joseph’s Youth Camp, Mormon Lake, AZ
Sponsored by St. Andrew’s Knights of Columbus & Men in Mission Men’s Ministry

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SEP 22

Pilgrimage to Philadelphia and Pope Francis

Special Important Note: limited *Airspace and Hotel still available. However these can only be held until Mon, Jun 1. After that time, it will be on space available bases and whatever the new airline rate is. Register before the deadline date.

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