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Meet Your Pastoral Staff of St. Andrew the Apostle Parish

06-24-2018Weekly Bulletin LetterFr. Robert Seraph Aliunzi, AJ

Canon 519, of the code of Canon Law says: “The pastor (parochus) is the proper pastor (pastor) of the parish entrusted to him, exercising the pastoral care of the community committed to him under the authority of the diocesan bishop in whose ministry of Christ he has been called to share, so that for that same community he carries out the functions of teaching, sanctifying, and governing, also with the cooperation of other presbyters or deacons and with the assistance of lay members of the Christian faithful, according to the norm of law.”


Financial Update for the Month of May

06-17-2018Weekly Bulletin LetterFr. Robert Seraph Aliunzi, AJ

As you might recall, the main thrust of my last year’s State of the Parish Address was “Greater Focus on the Eucharist” and part of what we did to demonstrate this was our sanctuary renovations which relocated the Tabernacle to a position of prominence in our Church. The Eucharist, undoubtedly continues to occupy a central place in our parish as the “Source and Summit of our Faith.”


The Solemnity of Corpus Christi and Our Experince of Death

06-10-2018Weekly Bulletin LetterFr. Robert Seraph Aliunzi, AJ

When my parents died it hurt but not so much at the time because I was too young to comprehend fully the implications of death. But when subsequently some of my brothers, sisters, nieces, cousins, relatives, and friends began to die when I came of age, it hurt very badly. Last Sunday morning, a close friend of mine in Uganda just collapsed and instantly died. A week before that, within a span of that week, two other young men I grew up with also died. Incidentally, it was around the same time that even here in our parish several of our parishioners also died. Therefore, when I heard of all this news, it hurt even more.


Statues of St. Andrew and St. Peter

06-03-2018Weekly Bulletin LetterFr. Robert Seraph Aliunzi, AJ

Dear friends,

I am so excited that we were finally able to officially dedicate our long-awaited statues of St. Andrew the Apostle and of his brother St. Peter “The Rock” this past Sunday at the 9:00am Mass. These two Apostles of Jesus whose statues now occupy prominent spaces alongside the tabernacle in our sanctuary mean a lot to us as a parish.