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Jesus could Be One of Those People Near You, but Incognito!

12-17-2017Fr. Robert Seraph Aliunzi, AJ

Advent is a time of preparation for the coming of the Lord: His coming to us sacramentally at Christmas, His coming to us individually at the end of our lives and His coming to us collectively at the end of time. But He comes to us all the time. That is why in the First Sunday of Advent, we talked about preparation by being watchful because we do not know when Christ will come again. In other words, the key word in this First Sunday of Advent called us to Watch. Last Sunday, we also talked about how to prepare and be watchful by preparing the way of the Lord through repentance and fundamental changes we have to make in our lifestyles. And today’s Third Sunday of Advent invites us to focus on Christ’s Coming or His presence among us especially nowadays when we have so many distractions.


Called to Protect Sessions for Ministers and Volunteers

This class is Required for all those in any ministry.


Christmas Memorial

During the season of Advent we are accepting donations for our Christmas flowers and environment in memorial of a deceased loved one.

Deadline is Sun, Dec 17.


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Give the Gift of Summer Camp this Christmas!

Give the Gift of Summer Camp this Christmas! St. Joseph’s Youth Camp Located 23 miles SE of Flagstaff at Mormon Lake.


Gift Shop News!

Your Oplatki Polish Christmas Wafers are available this year in our Gift Shop!


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All you need is a Fry's VIP card to start! Swipe your VIP card for your purchases at Fry's and St. Andrews receives money back!


St. Andrew the Apostle Kairos XXVII

Registration is OPEN for Kairos 27!


Food Pantry

We currently need deodorant, small bag of sugar, toothbrushes, and top ramen. Thank you for your donations and support!