The St. Andrew's Mass Communications ministry develops and oversees all key communications media and messages – including external promotion strategies – on behalf of the parish faith community.

Information Technology

The "I.T." ministry advises, supports, and works with St. Andrew's pastoral and administrative staff. Information technology volunteers are delegated responsibility for maintaining and improving the extensive parish computer network, parish software, PC desktop computers, and server systems. They also oversee and provide support and assistance for overall internet connectivity and maintenance throughout the parish campus.

Parish Mailing List

A constantly up-to-date parish mailing list is a tool utilized by the Communications ministry. It helps St. Andrew staff get the word out to parishioners via USPS first class, bulk mail, and e-mail. The updating process for the parish mailing list is an ongoing event.

E-Mail and "The Friday Flash"

St. Andrew's staff constantly maintains (i.e., updates and perfects) a comprehensive listing of e-mail addresses of parishioners and others who want to be in contact with our parish community by electronic means. Once a week, usually on Friday, Communications ministry staff/volunteers prepare and transmit a "Friday Flash" parish information/promotion e-mail message to all on the parish list. The parish accepts new members to this list and you can sign up today via our Constant Contact List


The Communications ministry designs a print-version of our Parish Bulletin every week of the year. Throughout the year, the weekly bulletin is passed out at weekend liturgies, is available via parish offices, and is posted to the parish website in a timely manner.

Internal and External Promotion

The St. Andrew's Communications ministry promotes the St. Andrew the Apostle mission and ministries via a wide variety of print and online services.

Want to know more? Please email Robert Corwin our Coordinator of Communications or call (480) 899-1990 ext.102.